Welcome to Old Evansville Historic Association!

You are invited to partner with us to learn, share and protect the history and beauty of Evansville’s downtown historic district.

Running from Walnut Street to Parrett and Adams Streets (near Haynie’s Corner), and between Third Street and Veteran’s Memorial Parkway/Riverside Drive, the historic district has become a regular destination for site seeing, dog walking, home tours and event goers.  Dating back to the mid 1800’s, our homes offer unique character and design not found in any other area throughout the region.  Combined with the thriving Arts District / Haynie’s Corner area, proximity to the riverfront and Downtown Walkway, and an increasingly safe neighborhood environment, more and more people are attracted to visit and reside here.

If you have visited the area lately, you’ve probably noticed the new historic-style street lights that line SE 1st Street and several adjacent side streets.  Most of the funds for the Historic Lighting Project have been raised through the Old Evansville Historic Association.  We will continue to expand onto additional streets as funds are raised.

Please take the time to review our special events and other opportunities that contribute to the historic downtown experience, and raise money to improve and protect these priceless treasures.

Historic Lighting Project


We are a group of neighbors working to improve the safety, walkability, and historic streetscape of the Riverside Historic District.

The Historic Lighting Committee operates as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Dollars donated to support the lighting project are tax deductible. Donations may be made payable to OEHA Historic Lighting Project and sent to PO Box 1012, Evansville, IN 47706.

For more information or to get involved, contact:

Elmer Buchta: ebuchta@insightbb.com
Cathie Hite: chite@bsscpa.com
Kristine Keck: christinekeck@ymail.com
Jamie Wicks: jwgolfin@yahoo.com

Happenings / Events

Christmas House Tour

Save the Date — December 3, 2017 Christmas House Tour Sunday, December 3rd 11 to 4 pm FIVE historic homes on tour Tickets are $20 Available at the door of each tour house or at the Reitz Home Museum You can also call 812-453-3897 Or 812-480-4624

About Us

Mission Statement

Protect, share, and enhance the heart and history of historic Evansville.


  1. Protect, enhance, and perpetuate the distinctive and significant elements of our historical, cultural, social, economic, educational, political, archaeological, and architectural identity.
  2. Promote the harmonious, orderly, efficient growth, and development of the district.
  3. Strengthen civic pride and cultural diversity throughout the district.
  4. Encourage tourists and visitors to visit the neighborhood by sponsoring social and cultural events throughout the year.
  5. Promote and protect the health, safety, prosperity, and general welfare of the people living in the district.
  6. Identity and encourage the preservation of landmarks within the district.
  7. Look for creative ways to partner and promote other not-for-profit organizations within the district.
  8. Promote capital projects within the district.

For information on membership, please contact Pam Guthrie at Pguth1950@aol.com.  Annual dues is $25 per person.


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Historic Lighting Project:

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