Mission Statement

Protect, share, and enhance the heart and history of historic Evansville.


  1. Protect, enhance, and perpetuate the distinctive and significant elements of our historical, cultural, social, economic, educational, political, archaeological, and architectural identity.
  2. Promote the harmonious, orderly, efficient growth, and development of the district.
  3. Strengthen civic pride and cultural diversity throughout the district.
  4. Encourage tourists and visitors to visit the neighborhood by sponsoring social and cultural events throughout the year.
  5. Promote and protect the health, safety, prosperity, and general welfare of the people living in the district.
  6. Identity and encourage the preservation of landmarks within the district.
  7. Look for creative ways to partner and promote other not-for-profit organizations within the district.
  8. Promote capital projects within the district.

For information on membership, please contact Pam Guthrie at Pguth1950@aol.com.  Annual dues is $25 per person.